don’t want a postcard anymore :(

Today I learned that sometime back in the 1930s they used to HYPER-edit pictures taken from The Grand Canyon to get loads of people to visit and continue driving the market for the manufacturing companies (my professor wrote a whole article about it- they called it “color embellishment- and it may sound innocent… but you’ll see why it isn’t). All those postcards being sold on racks were manipulated to show one specific angle, playing with contrast to make Nature fit an unrealistic mold, and appearing pristine and untouched. Basically using their made-up idea of what beauty meant as a guide (Even though the reality might’ve not always been the case. I heard the crowds there are crazy which makes the pictures people share seem even more unrealistic.)

But why edit something that is beautiful enough as it is? It’s THE (mf) Grand Canyon! You know how many of us would love to see it in person (me me me). What about it isn’t perfect? I guess it’s no surprise that we do the same with our pictures nowadays (especially of ourselves). We’re only doing what’s been done for centuries. I wonder why it’s so difficult to just accept things as they are. Why we feel the need to tweak the tiniest detail. Why fixate on what appears wrong when there’s so many other rights?

Why isn’t that 7pm sunset good enough for you as it occurs? … why aren’t you?

What I’m trying to say is next time you take a picture of Nature, don’t edit it. Just accept it. A camera could never capture the reality anyways. Or even the feeling you experienced. Have you ever tried taking a picture of the full moon with an iphone? -_- iykyk.

Slowly, I hope we can begin extending this accepting mindset back to ourselves and all the earthly beings and places that surround us. bring back #nofilter!!!

’14 Colima summer *cough cough* #nofilter

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